Session Flow & Info


Below is a description of basic session flow that I think you will find helpful.


I only have a few session slots available per week, so please don’t count on my being available last minute.


You may contact me directly by sending an e-mail to:

or feel free to call me at (423) 380-8638.  I will call you back so we can discuss your needs and schedule a no obligation pre-session consultation.

The absolute best light for photographs taken outdoors is in the early morning or the early evening.  Photos can be taken in full shade throughout much of the day.

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Limit of people per shoot:

A session includes up to 7 people.

The session fee will increase by $25 for each additional person after the 7th person, except in the case of a nuclear family. Any child to be photographed that is the biological or legally adopted child of either parent in a family session will incur no additional per person fee. I think large family’s are awesome! 

Before the Session:

The camera misses nothing so take the time to make sure haircuts are fresh and all personal grooming tasks, including facial tweezing, are complete.  The week prior to your shoot would probably not be the time to try out that new hair style or color you have been eyeing… just in case. ;)  Pamper yourself and go ahead and get a fresh manicure or pedicure as hands (and sometimes feet!) are often in shots. If you color your hair, plan to have your roots touched up at least three days prior to your session.

Please see the “What to Wear” page for more detailed information on clothing selection, etc.

At the Session:

Group photos will be taken first, immediately followed by photos of any younger children that the client desires. For larger families, an extended session may be necessary depending upon the number of people or individual/small group photographs desired.

As the mother five children I understand that children are not always as happy as we’d like, so please don’t worry or stress if your child is having a bad or uncooperative day- try your best to relax and let me interact with the child- we’ll make the best of it! I’m pretty laid back and adept at rolling with whatever comes my way. Do carry a snack and baby wipes and tissues for runny noses in case they are needed at the session and carefully consider the color of any food and it’s crumbs eaten prior to your session! I can get cranky when I’m hungry, so I can sympathize with hungry children. ~smile~

Please feel free to let me know if anyone has limited mobility or any other issue I should be aware of beforehand.

I look forward to serving you! :)