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Your photo is too dark | 5 Quick Tips to address this common problem

I’m sure you have found yourself there, staring at the back of your camera or smart phone, seeing a photo that is much too dark. The sky or the room behind the person looks fabulous, but […]

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Mother’s Day Photo Tips

Happy Mother’s Day! Have you taken a photo with your children (or mother) yet? Below are a few suggestions: 1- Have the tallest person or two sit in a chair. 2- Use the bodies of […]

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If the photographer can’t laugh at herself…what’s the point?

  I’m greatly enjoying life as a photographer being back in California’s photographically rich environment and connecting with fellow photographers. They are a great bunch of people! :)   I learned a few lessons on […]

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I am a huge fan of gooey cheese…but not in my photography!

We have the camera poised, a child (or several) on the other side of the lens and we find ourselves uttering those two well-worn words that have become synonymous with photography: “Say cheese!!” We’ve all done it. Repeatedly. […]

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