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Fairfield Family Photography: Bubbles and Babies

Bubble fun with a baby resulted in a fun departure from more traditionally posed photos with unexpected results.

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Family Photo Portrait Session in Cunningham Park, NYC

Family Photo Session in Cunningham Park, NYC I do love to travel, and one of my favorite things about travelling to NYC is meeting up with dear friends after far too many years apart and […]

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Senior Photo Session Northern California

Senior photo sessions are awesome! Do you know why senior photo sessions are awesome?? Because seniors don’t run away from the camera… and they are much more interested in the final photos than your average […]

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Mother-Daughter Portraits in the Park- Davis, CA

It was a great pleasure taking Heidi and her daughter’s portraits! They had traveled down to California from Washington for a short visit with family and we met up in one of my favorite parks […]

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If the photographer can’t laugh at herself…what’s the point?

  I’m greatly enjoying life as a photographer being back in California’s photographically rich environment and connecting with fellow photographers. They are a great bunch of people! :)   I learned a few lessons on […]

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I am a huge fan of gooey cheese…but not in my photography!

We have the camera poised, a child (or several) on the other side of the lens and we find ourselves uttering those two well-worn words that have become synonymous with photography: “Say cheese!!” We’ve all done it. Repeatedly. […]

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Professional Photography- What’s in an Image?

When one first approaches professional photography, often, one of the first questions that comes to mind is “How much does it cost?” One of the most beneficial questions to ask is not the cost in […]

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