Mother’s Day Photo Tips

Happy Mother’s Day! Have you taken a photo with your children (or mother) yet? Below are a few suggestions: 1- Have the tallest person or two sit in a chair. 2- Use the bodies of […]

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If the photographer can’t laugh at herself…what’s the point?

  I’m greatly enjoying life as a photographer being back in California’s photographically rich environment and connecting with fellow photographers. They are a great bunch of people! :)   I learned a few lessons on […]

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I am a huge fan of gooey cheese…but not in my photography!

We have the camera poised, a child (or several) on the other side of the lens and we find ourselves uttering those two well-worn words that have become synonymous with photography: “Say cheese!!” We’ve all done it. Repeatedly. […]

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Professional Photography- What’s in an Image?

When one first approaches professional photography, often, one of the first questions that comes to mind is “How much does it cost?” One of the most beneficial questions to ask is not the cost in […]

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Giving Back Through Photography: Help-Portrait

In December, I had the privilege of participating in a local outreach giving portraits, free of charge to those who desired them in Berkeley, CA. The participants were given the option of having both hair and make-up done by […]

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Engagement Photo Session- Exploring a Small Park

My family and I just moved back to our home state of California after several years away. It is nice to be back near family. :) One perk of our move was that the timing allowed me to be […]

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Heather’s Custom Portraits

I totally enjoyed shooting Heather’s custom portraits! Heather is a blast to hang around: she is lively and fun as well as passionate. You may notice Heather’s tattoo. The puzzle piece has become the symbol […]

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Reynoso Family Reunion Photographs

It was quite unexpected, photographing this Family Reunion as we were moving to CA… When my family and I began the 1,700 mile  trek towards the reunion destination we figured we were just going as attendees […]

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Moving along…

The Captivated Frame has relocated to the beautiful Fairfield, CA area. Fairfield is considered to be in the North Bay area of San Francisco and we are excited to be here! I actually grew up […]

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  I had a great time taking family portraits for the Culps. :) Every time I turned around someone was cracking a joke or doing a silly antic that kept smiles on the faces most of the […]

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