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I am a family and portrait as well as fine art photographer and mother of five based in San Francisco's North Bay.

Fairfield Family Photography: Bubbles and Babies

Bubble fun with a baby resulted in a fun departure from more traditionally posed photos with unexpected results.

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Your photo is too dark | 5 Quick Tips to address this common problem

I’m sure you have found yourself there, staring at the back of your camera or smart phone, seeing a photo that is much too dark. The sky or the room behind the person looks fabulous, but […]

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Family Photo Portrait Session in Cunningham Park, NYC

Family Photo Session in Cunningham Park, NYC I do love to travel, and one of my favorite things about travelling to NYC is meeting up with dear friends after far too many years apart and […]

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The Value of Photography Meets Real-Life

This adorable little guy is Dawson, and he is the youngest son of my friends, Audrey and David.   The photo below is of Dawson’s parents and siblings as they eagerly awaited his arrival. He’s […]

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Portrait of a Sweet 9 Month Old Baby Boy

I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet 9 month old baby boy and his family not long ago. He is truly one of the sweetest babies ever, very content and happy and I just […]

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Remembrances- 9/11

This is how I choose to remember the World Trade Center in NYC. Before it came to symbolize death and terror on 9/11 it symbolized the vibrant daily life of we who lived there. It […]

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Creative Senior Portrait Photography- Boring to Bright!

“You want to go into the tunnel and take my photos?? Well…ok…” said the client somewhat hesitantly. My mission was a Senior portrait session and we were at our second location and it had a […]

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A Fourth of July Interlude…

I am taking a Fourth of July Interlude today and sharing a recent photo from San Francisco. Happy 4th of July! I am thankful for the freedom we have and think of those who are […]

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Senior Photo Session Northern California

Senior photo sessions are awesome! Do you know why senior photo sessions are awesome?? Because seniors don’t run away from the camera… and they are much more interested in the final photos than your average […]

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Mother-Daughter Portraits in the Park- Davis, CA

It was a great pleasure taking Heidi and her daughter’s portraits! They had traveled down to California from Washington for a short visit with family and we met up in one of my favorite parks […]

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