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Photo: GwyneMark Photography, Destin,FL

© GwyneMark Photography, Destin,FL

I am mother to five children (21yo down to 6yo). In the last couple of years we have had one child diagnosed high functioning Autism, another with a rare (hopefully non life-threatening) genetic condition, and another with a pretty solid case of ADHD with accompanying academic processing issues. If you are dealing with any similar issues, I get it, truly. All of these diagnoses and acronyms came to light in one single calendar year. I won’t lie- I felt like I’d been hit by a bus.

I LOVE being a photographer! It is my creative outlet away from the many demands of life. I don’t just take portraits, I also enjoy fine art photography and you can see examples at my other site, Pamela Reynoso. Further, I believe in giving back. I am currently a volunteer moderator in one of the largest communities on Google+, the Landscape Photography Community.  I help moderate the Macro and Details section as well as the Critiques section. I am also a yearly Help-Portrait volunteer where we work to provide hair, make-up and professional portraits for those who otherwise could not afford them. I wish I could donate time more often, but my children keep outgrowing their shoes!

I believe it’s important that one never stop learning which is why I applied for The Arcanum. In the Arcanum, Masters choose 20 Apprentices to work with and help them improve in their art. I was very grateful and humbled to be in the first group of 20 Apprentices ever selected.

I love dark chocolate with deep forest mint, black licorice,  long bike rides with my husband, my children’s laughter, the ocean, and torrential summer rains. I have recently discovered Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe Joe’s and can I tell you how very glad I am that they are only offered for a short time each year?! Oh my! ~Never fear- Thin Mints help to fill the gap. ;)~

It only took me a few decades to finally figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Motherhood certainly had a role in that! :) I’ve lived on 30 acres with cattle, in the middle of Brooklyn, NY, and now I live in the ‘burbs. If I could have my way, I’d hire a full-time cook to keep me and my crew fed with wholesome ‘clean’ foods from scratch. :)  I’m admittedly a bit ‘crunchy’ utilizing both essential oils and homeopathic remedies in addition to traditional medicine to keep my family healthy and I began taking my own cloth bags to the grocery store before it was cool. (Search e-Bay for Envitote bags- you won’t regeret it, I promise!) I home schooled my older children for a total of 12 years before they made the transition to public school.

Copyright, Nicole diGiorgio-Sweetness and Light Photography

© Nicole diGiorgio – Sweetness and Light Photography. Nicole deserves a gold medal for getting this photo- it was NOT easy!

 It’s true- I married ‘up’ to save my gene pool! My children are grateful. :)

I was raised both in the North Bay and in the beautiful Central Valley of northern California, where I also met  my husband. In 1998 our family of four moved from my in-law’s 30 acre ranch to the heart of Brooklyn, New York, for my husband to pursue his education in fine art. I vividly recall looking out the airplane window and quietly observing the city brilliantly lit-up as we circled John F. Kennedy airport awaiting our turn to land. It was so magnificent it took my breath away.  In fact, I think it took me about six months to catch my breath! It took some time to adjust to an entirely new way of living, as a pedestrian, in a city of 8 million! I have wondered if trepidation showed in my eyes when my husband picked us up from the airport aided by a stranger in a windowless, white paneled van. I was expecting a taxi … of the yellow variety, not a white, windowless van like the bad guys drive in movies!!

When our family of five (and a half) left NYC seven years later, I left a part of my heart behind. I had grown to love the city deeply for its diversity and culture where many different languages and accents blend together to create a rich melody for the ear as one roams the city.

We moved to central Louisiana in 2007 for my husband’s work and lived there for 5 years . I often joke that I have lived coast to coast and was then ‘plunked’  smack in the middle. ~smile~

I moved to both Brooklyn and the Deep South sight-unseen. Both locations proved to be very educational in many ways and I am grateful for those experiences with different people and very different cultures. As we have moved around, I have greatly enjoyed collecting some treasured forever-friends  whom I would not trade for the world!

My family now lives in the North Bay Area of San Francisco, surrounded by the lovely golden hills of Fairfield, CA, not far from where I was born. It is nice to be home! :)

©2015 Pamela Reynoso-5836

©2015 Pamela Reynoso