Meet the Photographer :)

Photo: GwyneMark Photography, Destin,FL

© GwyneMark Photography, Destin,FL

I am mother to five children (26yo down to 10yo). I have two children on the Autism spectrum (one with severe ADHD) and another with a rare (hopefully non life-threatening) genetic condition. If you are dealing with any similar issues, I get it, truly. All of these diagnoses and acronyms came to light in one single calendar year. I won’t lie- I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. Some days I still do!

I LOVE being a photographer! It is my creative outlet away from the many demands of life. I don’t just take portraits, I also enjoy fine art photography and you can see examples at my other site, Pamela Reynoso. Further, I believe in giving back. I have been a volunteer moderator of one of the largest communities on Google+, the Landscape Photography Community where I helped moderate the Macro and Details section as well as the Critiques section. For four years I was a Help-Portrait volunteer where we work to provide hair, make-up and professional portraits for those who otherwise could not afford them, and I also served as the photographer for a previous church of mine where my images of the surrounding area and church events were prominent on the site. I wish I could donate time more often, but my children keep outgrowing their shoes!

I believe it’s important that one never stop learning which is why I applied for The Arcanum. In the Arcanum, Masters choose 20 Apprentices to work with and help them improve in their art. I was very grateful and humbled to be in the first group of 20 Apprentices ever selected.

I love dark chocolate with deep forest mint, black licorice,  long bike rides with my husband, my children’s laughter, the ocean, and torrential summer rains. I adore Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, and only part of that is because less than half my family appreciates them, leaving more for me!

I have lived on 30 acres with cattle, in the middle of Brooklyn, NY, in the Deep South and now I live in beautiful Cleveland, TN. My general outlook on life is to try and maintain an attitude of gratefulness no matter where I find myself.

If I could have my way, I’d hire a full-time cook to keep me and my crew fed with wholesome ‘clean’ foods from scratch. :)  I’m admittedly a bit ‘crunchy’ and I began taking my own cloth bags to the grocery store before it was cool. I home schooled my older children for a total of 12 years before they made the transition to public school.

Copyright, Nicole diGiorgio-Sweetness and Light Photography

© Nicole diGiorgio – Sweetness and Light Photography, Martinez, CA. Nicole deserves a gold medal for getting this photo- it was NOT easy!

 It’s true- I married ‘up’ to save my gene pool! My children are grateful. :)

I was raised both in the North Bay and in the beautiful Central Valley of northern California, where I also met  my husband. In 1998 our family of four moved from my in-law’s 30 acre ranch to the heart of Brooklyn, New York, for my husband to pursue his education in fine art. I vividly recall looking out the airplane window and quietly observing the city brilliantly lit-up as we circled John F. Kennedy airport awaiting our turn to land. It was so magnificent it took my breath away.  In fact, I think it took me about six months to catch my breath! It took some time to adjust to an entirely new way of living, as a pedestrian, in a city of 8 million! I have wondered if trepidation showed in my eyes when my husband picked us up from the airport aided by a stranger in a windowless, white paneled van. I was expecting a taxi … of the yellow variety, not a white, windowless van like the bad guys drive in movies!!

When our family of five (and a half) left NYC seven years later, I left a part of my heart behind. I had grown to love the city deeply for its diversity and culture where many different languages and accents blend together to create a rich melody for the ear as one roams the city.

We moved to central Louisiana in 2007 for my husband’s work and lived there for 5 years . I often joke that I have lived coast to coast and was then ‘plunked’  smack in the middle. ~smile~

I moved to both Brooklyn and the Deep South sight-unseen. Both locations proved to be very educational in many ways and I am grateful for those experiences with different people and very different cultures. As we have moved around, I have greatly enjoyed collecting some treasured forever-friends  who I would not trade for the world!

©2015 Pamela Reynoso-5836

©2015 Pamela Reynoso