The Photographer

Photo: GwyneMark Photography – Destin, FL

“I was so pleased with the quality of the pics I received from Pamela. I have had pictures done professionally before but the different angles and shots I received from her were by far the best.” ~Jerie B.

About the Photographer

Hi! :) My name is Pamela, and boy has my life been interesting! My husband’s education and work has led us from California’s Central Valley to Brooklyn, NY, to Central Louisiana, to San Francisco’s North Bay, and now to Eastern Tennessee. It’s beautiful here!

I am the mother of five children from 26 years old down to 10 years old, a few of them have cool acronyms that help others to understand how the world looks from their vantage point. I find often find myself cracking up at the antics of one child or another- it’s really true, children say the darnedest things! I have a lot of experience dealing with a wide range of ages and varied personalities. 

I am married to my very favorite person on the planet and high school sweetheart, Rondall,  who is an artist and scholar currently teaching art and art history at Lee University

My priority is to offer top-notch service while providing you with beautiful portrait art that you are proud to have grace the walls of your home.

When you hire a photographer you are commissioning an artist with a unique vision to capture a fleeting moment in your life or the life of your family.  It is helpful to know the photographer and what drives them, to gain insight into both who they are and why it is they do what they do. The links below will help you to get to know me a bit better. :)

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