Family Photo Portrait Session in Cunningham Park, NYC

Family Photo Session in Cunningham Park, NYC

I do love to travel, and one of my favorite things about travelling to NYC is meeting up with dear friends after far too many years apart and photographing a portrait session for them. :) I just love this photo below, not only because it has some of my favorite people in it, but it also ‘feels’ like NYC to me which I grew to love in my seven years as a resident. family portrait on a stoop in NYC While I was in town, Mesha asked me to take photos of her and her husband, primarily with a few family shots thrown in.

Like any family, photos of the kids are constantly being taken, but photos of the parents that show them in their relationship and photos in which they actually *like* how they are photographed are often few and far between.

man and woman black and white portrait photo   husband and wife photo portrait black and white

  Mesha and Tito have been together for 17 years and like any marriage, over the years,  they have had their struggles of ups and downs.  This session was a celebration of their relationship along with their three precious children.

husband and wife portrait   © 2014 Pamela Reynoso husband and wife portrait

family photo portrait black and white

 I just loved this unique tree and had to include it in a photo!

© 2014 Pamela Reynoso father son photo

 Mesha really wanted a photo with her husband and son.

© 2014 Pamela Reynoso boy portrait photo

 This was a totally unplanned shot. He was just doing what boys do. :)

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  1. Mesha May 20, 2014 at 6:18 PM #

    Aww Awesome! Love all the pics! <3 Thanks!!

    • Pamela May 20, 2014 at 7:00 PM #

      I’m so glad you do, Mesha! It was a blast. :)

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