Portrait of a Sweet 9 Month Old Baby Boy

I had the pleasure of photographing this sweet 9 month old baby boy and his family not long ago. He is truly one of the sweetest babies ever, very content and happy and I just couldn’t wait to post this sneak peek of the little guy.

Since I’ve had five babies of my own, I figure I can weigh in on that. ;)

I enjoyed getting down to his level and just watching him move about naturally as I took his portraits. It’s amazing how many looks crossed his face in a mere ten minutes or so of time! Do you see those beautiful puddles of blue? Oh my! I happily get lost in them. I may have purposely viewed this portrait a few more times than absolutely necessary…but I’m not admitting to anything.

Couldn’t you just scoop him up and kiss those adorable cheeks?!

More photos to come in the next post as well as a little story…




Fairfield CA Photographer Baby Portrait blue eyes

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