Creative Senior Portrait Photography- Boring to Bright!

“You want to go into the tunnel and take my photos?? Well…ok…” said the client somewhat hesitantly.

My mission was a Senior portrait session and we were at our second location and it had a tunnel!  When I saw the tunnel I was giddy, because I knew it could provide some creative images. I was confident that I already had a number of great images so I decided to take some time to play. Playing around is always fun! :)

I enjoy shooting with natural light, but I also enjoy the using off-camera flash as it allows me to add a little extra something.

Below are three of the shots that I took while experimenting:

creative senior portrait Fairfield, CA


This was one of the first shots. I specifically wanted to show the environment and thought it’d be neat to see Anna framed by the tunnel. As you can see it’s a tunnel in a park which was the standard dark concrete with a bit of token graffiti.

creative senior portrait Fairfield, CA

For this shot I decided to pivot a little and have the wall of the tunnel as the backdrop. The lens flare was a bonus that I decided I really liked as it added a little pop to the image.

creative senior portrait Fairfield, CA


With this image I wanted the background to be brighter so I adjusted things accordingly and here was the result. Again there is a flare which adds to the fun, in my opinion.

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