Senior Photo Session Northern California

Senior photo sessions are awesome!

Do you know why senior photo sessions are awesome??

Because seniors don’t run away from the camera… and they are much more interested in the final photos than your average eight year old. ;)

I had the pleasure and fun of photographing Anna not too long ago. Though I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I traveled a little bit for Anna’s session. I was fortunate to have two sessions in the same area, so that was awesome.

High School Senior photo Northern CA


We began Anna’s portrait session in the shade of a brick building as she was getting used to being in front of the camera. I like to use brick anytime I can because I just love it! Old brick, as this was, is the best and I love it for the character it provides.

High School Senior photo Northern CA

This photo was taken just minutes apart from the first photo, the only difference was the light. I just love this in black and white for its classic look and quiet feel. It draws you in and makes you wonder what she is thinking about.

High School Senior photo Northern CA

This photo was actually taken in a quite dark tunnel that was filled with graffiti. I had to alter my camera settings in such a way that when I was preparing to take the shot, I literally could not see Anna, like at all. I was very pleased with the high-key glamour feel this photo has, especially with the added element of the light flare. I didn’t know if my idea would work and it took a few shots to get what I was going for, but we did it!

High School Senior photo Northern CA

Here is a shot I almost didn’t’ take. I was focused on taking photos on the hillside behind this when my assistant urged me to turn around and take a look at the setting sun and the gorgeous color. As soon as I turned I was so glad for the nudge. There’s a story behind this shot… just like in the tunnel, I could NOT see what I was doing. Seriously. If I was to capture the fantastic color on the water behind Anna, I had to deliberately drop my exposure enough so that I was effectively working blind. Now because we were having so much fun and working later than I had planned, I did not have a flashlight with me that would provide enough light to allow my camera to grab focus. So picture this… Anna is standing there, being lit *just* enough by three iPhones for my camera to focus as my assistant does his best to hold the reflector and flash in just the right spot to give Anna that perfect kiss of light. I consider it a success!

In my next blog post, I will show some variations of the tunnel shots.


~Pamela :)

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