Engagement Photo Session- Exploring a Small Park

My family and I just moved back to our home state of California after several years away. It is nice to be back near family. :) One perk of our move was that the timing allowed me to be nearby when my oldest niece, Janna, became engaged and I was privileged to shoot her engagement session.

Janna and Dillon chose a small park near Los Molinos, CA. I had never been to this park so the setting was all new to me which is pretty common in location based photography. I enjoy seeing new places just as I enjoy the process of quickly analyzing the location and assessing what it has to offer to my clients for their custom photographs.  This small park was mostly open space with a small and very old jail building, some play equipment and trees.

We began at the jail building as it was closest to the entrance of the park. I’ll admit it- I am always drawn to the character of brick- the older the better!

engagement photo


engagement photo


I love the mood and interest that the old brick and heavily rusted metal doors lend to the photos!

engagement photo, playful


I asked Janna and Dillon what words they would use to characterize their relationship and one of the words they came up with was ‘fun!’ as they enjoy a good amount of playfulness in their relationship. This is one of my favorite photos that I took of them while Janna is spinning Dillon around and around (and around!) on the merry-go-round.

contemporary engagement photo

The above photo is an all around favorite. Immediately upon snapping it I knew I loved it! When I showed it to them quickly on the back of my camera I was thrilled that they shared my enthusiasm. :)

Just outside of the playground were railroad tracks that I had been considering using while we were in the park. I wasn’t sure if I was going to use them or not, initially. I decided that we’d try a few photos on them after I spotted the trestle. I adore structures and the elements of design they bring to photos when they are incorporated! For the below photo we had to wait for a train to pass and then we hiked a bit down the tracks in order to get closer to the trestle.

contemporary engagement photo

I had a great time photographing this engagement session and am thrilled beyond words that I was able to provide my niece with photographs that she and her fiancee will treasure for years to come!


~Pamela :)

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