Heather’s Custom Portraits

I totally enjoyed shooting Heather’s custom portraits!

Heather is a blast to hang around: she is lively and fun as well as passionate.

You may notice Heather’s tattoo. The puzzle piece has become the symbol for Autism, first implemented around 1963.  One of the things she is most passionate about is advocating for those affected by Autism and has begun speaking publicly on the topic. Heather has lived with others with Autism her whole life, before Autism was a ‘household word’ or diagnosis. Having many more answers available today regarding how to better help those with Autism is such a gift, and having people such as Heather who are passionate and articulate with a steadfast commitment to advocacy is a gift to society as a whole. One of Heather’s favorite website’s on the topic is Temple Grandin’s. Temple, herself, is autistic and offers input that has helped thousands as they and/or their loved ones deal with life with Autism.

Heather had never had custom portraits taken before and was super excited- her bubbly personality showed just how much she was enjoying the process. I enjoyed that and it made me all the more excited to be able to provide her with portraits that showed her true beauty, beauty that is certainly more than skin deep. Hearing Heather giggle with pleasure while viewing her photos for the first time made my day. :) I love my job!

The location we chose was fantastic for all the potential it offers, foliage, water… SHADE. Boy, was it a warm day. :) Heather fared a bit better than I as she had remembered to bring her water. I had left mine in the car… I often forget other things when I begin to think photographically. Just ask my husband. Or my children.

On second thought…please don’t.  ;)


professional portrait

This is Heather’s top pick. I think the fact it shows her tattoo and gives insight to her passions and values makes it a great choice.


professional portrait

This is my top choice. On a whim I decided to see what it would look like in black and white. It quickly became my favorite!

professional portrait with sunflare

 A little sun flare is always fun. :)


The photo below is just for fun….and proof…that we may have stayed a little longer than we had planned, just playing around. We both found the background…captivating. ;)

night time portrait

~Pamela :)

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